I eat a LOT of salad. I was talking about this with my friends at dinner last night, because hey had a fancy chef thing that they’ve been doing each month (which normally features meat), but this time it was a salad. And I was really excited about it. A lot of people find salad really boring (like my friends who like to make fun of me for eating it all the time), but I think there are just about infinite possibilities with salad. Sure, it can be kind of limiting  to eat here at school, but they still offer quite a bit of variety. There can be different bases, such as lettuce, spinach, mixed greens or kale (which sadly they don’t have at school… I’m not a big fan of eating it alone when its raw, but I wouldn’t mind mixing it in with some spinach or lettuce for additional nutrients! And I like to mix on top the veggies of the day, the vegetarian dish (almost always pasta… there could be a little more variety there…) and whatever else they have like perogies or maybe some chicken if I’m feeling it (yep, still not full blown vegetarian). Then theres the hummus and fresh baked bread and sunflower seeds and nuts and quinoa and all of the other things to eat on top or on the side! So many options. And lots of vegetables!Probably the weirdest thing about me eating salad is the fact that I very rarely use dressing. It just feels like empty calories and I don’t really like the messiness or taste of many dressings. Conclusion: I love salad and could definitely write an ode to it.  Instead I wrote a haiku (probably incorrectly).

Salad, I love you

Green and full of nutrition

You’ve been good to me


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