Accepted Student’s Day

Today is accepted students day, so obviously the food in the cafeteria is much better. It got me thinking about how important food is when making your choice of where to go to college. When I was looking at schools, how good their food was ranked highly on my list of determining factors of whether I would go there. So taste really mattered, but I never really factored in the healthiness of their foods. I guess I was more concerned about whether I would be able to eat there for almost 4 years, and not how eating that food would affect my health.  Personally, I got a more realistic view of what the food was like at the schools I visited because I just came randomly during the year, not on special days such as Accepted Students Day. I’m curious about how the healthiness of the food affects people’s choice of what school they go to. I know I was subconsciously inclined to like cafeterias better at schools that had salad bars, but I was also more inclined to like them if they had a soft serve ice cream machine (like we do, yummm!). I also found it interesting, however, that today they had a wide variety of fresh baked breads (which they don’t normally, sometimes just a loaf or two), and they actually *gasp* labeled the vegan and vegetarian foods. If they made these small changes every day, and not just on days when prospective students will be here, maybe some more SU students would realize that there are healthy options available.


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