Stress Eating

Yay, it’s almost the end of the semester. Unfortunately, that means that a major slam of homework, projects and papers is approaching quickly. Therefore, stress eating is making a comeback. Need to write a 7 page paper (yep, the one for this class)? Have some mozzarella sticks. 3 lab reports due in one week? Why not take a break and go to Charlie’s for some free Cold Stone ice cream (best treat all week). Not to mention that stress eating is also increased by the fact that I have less time for other meals which would have been potentially healthy, so now the unhealthy option makes much more sense for a small time frame. And it tastes so good, and makes your brain feel better because you’re just happy to do something you enjoy (like eat yummy food) instead of being crushed by all the work that has accumulated.

This happens about 3 times a semester, usually around midterms week, then in the really hard period right before finals, which sometimes feels worse than the finals themselves. I mean at least we don’t have to take classes during finals week. However, I can’t wait to go home for Easter break, because apparently my mom is on a major health kick and is “making” my dad buy all sorts of wonderful healthy things, mostly vegetables. Yay for healthy, free food! Plus, the extra sleep I can get over break will help too. And the free time to relax, and make good eating decisions. It is interesting how the amount of free time I have can really impact the way I eat. I wish my eating habits weren’t so closely tied to my stress levels, but I guess that’s just something to work on. After all, the first step is realizing that there is a problem.


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