White House Supporting Walmart in “Let’s Move” Campaign


Ah, Marion Nestle, how I love thee. Seriously, I hardly read an article she writes and disagree with her. I was especially happy to see her tackle the corporate giant Walmart and its so called “healthy eating options” and cheap prices. When I look at walmart, I see products that are under-priced, cheaply made (likely in sweat shops), shipped halfway across the world and bought by usually the poor (and sometimes really scary townies) people in an area. Also, those employees are clearly not thrilled to be welcoming you to Walmart, and even less thrilled to have to ring you out (because they’re underpaid and usually old ladies with plenty of “Walmart drama”. I’ve heard quite a few interesting conversations/complaints about this drama).

What Nestle tackles in this article is the “Let’s Move” campaign started by Mrs. Obama, and how it celebrates Walmart’s “support” of healthier lifestyle choices. Hmmm, one thing I can tell you is that I do not think of Walmart when I think of healthy life choices, or good quality vegetables, for that matter.  What Nestle did was go to her local Walmart and take a look at their “healthy choices” labeling. It was practically nonexistent (shocker), and they did far more to promote unhealthy foods like Oreos over vegetables. When compared to Wegmans, she discovered that the price differences would result in just a few cents per week, which is not as astronomical as Walmart tries really hard to make consumers think. In the end, Nestle concludes that Walmart is the place that poor people go to shop for lower quality food because they feel out of place in the healthier, more affluent Wegmans, or because Walmart is putting stores in areas that Wegmans won’t.


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