Being a Weekday Vegetarian (sort of)

My path towards vegetarianism has been pretty slow and unsteady. It started a few years ago with me naively deciding to go full vegetarian cold turkey (ahahaha ironic idiom). That lasted for about a whole 3 days, before I saw some absolutely delicious looking soup with chicken in it and caved in. Last year, I started meatless mondays, where — you guessed it– I don’t eat meat on mondays. Its actually a pretty cool movement:

I’ve followed this more or less through this year, but now I’ve decided to take the extra step of being a weekday vegetarian. That means no meat on weekdays, but everything is free game on weekends (mostly chicken and fish, I hardly eat any red meat as it is). I started this last week, so there hasn’t been much time to really see how well its working. However, I’m so glad I didn’t include weekends in this vegetarian plan because I got to eat fantastic authentic South African food (including chicken) this past Sunday after attending a climate change protest in Washington DC.

I did already fall off the wagon on Tuesday when I had the yummy boneless chicken nuggets that the caf makes every once in a while, oops. Otherwise, its been pretty easy, since the MTO salads are usually pretty good and can be made without meats. I just can’t help feeling that maybe I should just hold off on all of this vegetarian stuff until I graduate and get a chance to cook my own food. Wouldn’t that just make it so much easier, yummier and healthier? I’m sure I’ll get sick of the salads, black bean burgers and grilled cheeses soon, and then I’m not left with many options. However, I hate to idealize the future, because knowing me, I have these grandiose ideas of how wonderful my cooking is going to be, and it will probably suck just as much as Aramark for the first few years. To veg, or not to veg?


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