McDonald’s “Educating” Food Professionals

I wish I could say that reading this post was a shock to me, but it wasn’t. The author described how McDonald’s was marketing itself as a “healthy food” company at a nutrition fair to nutrition health professionals. Now, these are people who look at nutrition for a living, and yet they were eating the food at the McDonald’s booth that was being thinly disguised as healthy. Shouldn’t they know better? Aren’t these people in the health industry because they know something about where to get proper nutrition? It seems obvious enough to me, at least, that McDonald’s is not the place to go if you are looking for healthy food.¬†

Then the author described a panel session that she attended that was described as a discussion on how fast food restaurants are becoming more nutritious but ended up being pretty much just PR for McDonald’s and their “healthy” options. If it wasn’t so sad, I would have laughed when I read that they said that putting apple slices in Happy Meals makes parents feel better about feeding their kids Happy Meals. In what ways are happy meals more nutritious now that they have the option of having apple slices? There was no removal of fried chicken or fatty hamburgers or fries from these meals, just a “feel better” solution: adding apples.


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