The caf lap

I’m actually one of those people who likes vegetables and healthy stuff, purely on a basis of taste. So when I do my lap of the cafeteria before choosing what I want to eat, I go from left to right (healthy to unhealthy). First I glance at the minuscule vegetarian/vegan section that usually has dried out carrots and pasta of some sort. Then I take a look at the salad bar to see whether they have romaine or mixed greens. Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value except for maybe giving you a bit more water in your diet, and the spinach sometimes tastes/looks like someone carried it around in their pockets for a while before putting it out. Seriously, what do they do to that stuff? Anyway, my next stop is the MTO salad bar, where they’ve seriously upped their game since last year. Now there’s all sorts of different varieties of salads with walnuts and fruits and fancy dressings. I always hope that I can stop my trip here and just grab something healthy and delicious and go. When I do, I usually hop around to the other stations anyway to grab some extra veggies like squash, green beans or broccoli. The servers are generally confused by the fact that I don’t want a new plate for my vegetables, but in fact want them *gasp* on top of my salad. Its not like it isn’t all gonna get mixed up in my stomach anyway. I skip the hamburger station entirely and might grab something not so healthy from the mongolian grill. On Friday, it was a stromboli. I found it interesting that I stopped to think about which stromboli would taste best (vegetable, cheese steak, or buffalo chicken), and which would align with my values. The vegetable would align best with my values but taste the worst (they seriously overcook those vegetables until they are limp and droopy), the cheese steak would taste the best but not align with my values of consuming as little red meat as possible. So I chose the buffalo chicken one, which ended up being too spicy. In the end, I’m glad I thought about my decision in a sense of enjoyment and values, but I’m sad that I ended up throwing out the stromboli anyway and wasting food.


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